All our training is done at Cherry Creek Community Hall in the Gym or outdoors, unless otherwise stated.  Location: 3270 Moore Road, Port Alberni ( SW corner of Cherry Creek Rd and Moore Rd – 4 way stop)

  • Basic Obedience Training
  • Advanced Obedience Training
  • Show Handling / Junior Handling
    Basic Obedience 500x150 white

This class covers the basics (sit, stay, down, recall, focus, heel, socialization, etc.)  It is for 18-4 Class July 2018-350x553the dogs of any age to learn the basics or as a refresher.

  • Minimum age 12 weeks/3 months
  • You should have time to bond with your dog before you start classes (2-3 weeks) and be able to walk your dog on a leash.
  • Dogs must have proof of vaccinations. (Bring to Final Registration) The dog should be immunized against Distemper, Hepatitis and Parvo Virus and be free from communicable &/or infectious illness for 30 days prior to class.

Dogs should not have any aggression or temperment issues.  If they have, we will be happy to recommend a suitable dog trainer.

Supplies you require:

  • Cloth Collar or Martingale Collar, only. (No choke or prong Collars or Harness.)
  • 5-6 ft basic leash or kennel lead (no Flexi leash).
  • Poop Bags.
  • Soft treats/bait (like cut up weiners. Dry treats leaves crumbs behind that distracts other dogs and mess on Gym floor.)

Our instructor for Basic Obedience lessons is Synneva Stubbs.  She is an Alberni Valley Kennel Club member and a Professional Canine Behaviour Specialist.  She will be pleased to answer any questions you may have.  Contact her by phone/text at 250-735-8880 or email:

One set of 5 Basic Obedience Lessons are FREE for anyone 12 to 18 years of age.

(Child must be strong enough & able to maintain control of the dog they are training.)

(limited to 1 per class)


Pre-Register for Classes

Email to: or phone Roxanne at 250-723-9939
Provide us with your Name, Email address & phone number, plus your dog’s name, breed and age/birthdate.
We will email you a reminder for “Final Registration” and classes.

Final Registration

Final Registration & Info Session – (without dog) – usually on Sunday at 7:00 pm at Cherry Creek Hall/Gym.  This session is for:

  • pay fee, $90.00 cash or cheque
  • bring proof of vaccinations,
  • complete & sign application,
  • Q&A with instructor

5 Basic Obedience Training Lessons

  • Five weekly lessons & practice
  • Start Time: 6:00 or 7:00 pm on Monday evenings
  • Class is approx. 45 minutes to one hour at Cherry Creek Hall/Gym,
  • Cost $90.00
  • Instructor:  Synneva Stubbs

Basic Obedience Classes – Schedule for 2020

BOC 20-1 (Final Reg. Sun. Jan 12)    *** COMPLETED ***  
JAN 13 - JAN 20 - JAN 27 - FEB 3 - FEB 10 
BOC 20-2 (Final Reg. Sun. Feb 23)    *** IN PROGRESS ***
FEB 24 - MAR 2 - MAR 9 - MAR 16 - MAR 23 
As of March 20, 2020 all classes have been suspended until further notice.
2020-Pandemic Notice
We will reschedule all classes when it is safe to do so.

After Basic Obedience 500x150 white

Sometimes they just need to refresh their skills.   We will  schedule classes for dogs, who have previously taken our Basic Obedience Class, that need more practice in a group setting.

We need a minimum 5 dogs to schedule 5 weekly classes that would be held on Wednesdays at 6:00.

Pre-register with Roxanne – ph. 250-723-9939 or email

Once they can sit & stay in position for 1-3 minutes they are ready to learn more.

Introduction to Advanced Obedience Classes

These classes will be available on a limited basis/as required. (April & September)

Prerequisite:  Basic Obedience skills & be able to sit & stay for 1 minute.

It will review the basic obedience skills but with more consistency and the 12 Canine Good Neighbour skills.  We will also introduce you to Novice Obedience and Rally Obedience.

Resource Material:canine-good-neighbour

If this is what you are interested in, send us an email to:  or call Roxanne at 250-723-9939

  • SPRING Class – Date & Time TBA
  • FALL Class – Date & Time TBA
  • at Cherry Creek Hall-Gym
  • 5 lessons for $90.00

If you are interested in a future class, please contact Roxanne (AVKC Secretary).

Rally Obedience

Rally PreregisterRally Obedience is a dog sport which has a dog and its handler navigate a course of 12-15 stations for accuracy and time.  Each station has instructions for the dog and handler to follow.  Various levels of difficulty, starting with Novice, where the dog is on leash.  Suitable for all dogs of any age.  Enjoy as play & exercise with your dog &/or in competitions and earn titles.

If interested,  pre-register with Roxanne Leyland, or 250-723-9939

Show Handling & Junior Handling

These classes are designed to prepare you &/or your dog to be handled in the ring of a Conformation Dog Show.  This includes Junior Handlers (Ages 8-18 years)

  • Dates to be determined by demand
  •  (50 min.) at Cherry Creek Hall-Gym
  • Cost:  TBD
  • Requirements – dog show leash
    • Registered Purebred dogs only for judging in Conformation show (If you do not have a qualifying dog, we will be happy to provide one.)
    • Dog in good health and vaccinations up to date
  • Instructors:  TBD

Pre-register by phone or email to Roxanne Leyland, AV Kennel Club Secretary 250-723-9939 or and provide the following information:

  • Your name, phone # and email address
  • Dog’s Name, breed, age

Junior  Handling classes

Check out the Canadian Kennel Club’s Junior Handing Program:

AVKC has training sessions for Juniors depending upon demand and availability of instructor.  These sessions are at no cost but limited to space available.  Pre-register now and we will contact you when the dates are confirmed.

Canine Good Neighbour

The CGN test will be offered at our annual Dog Show.  (next test will be in Oct. 2020)

Any dog (incl. mixed-breeds) are eligible to take the test.

Cost of test is $25.  Dogs that qualify receive a badge and title certificate.

300x100 Novice Obedience Training 

This is for the Canadian Kennel Club’s Novice Class Obedience Trials.  When your dog successfully completes 3 Novice Class Obedience Trials (as judged by 2 different judges), they will earn the CKC title of Companion Dog (CD).  Available to all dogs (incl. mixed breeds).

Training for trials or for experience, classes will guide you through the steps.

See Introduction to Advanced Obedience (above)

Pre-register your interest in this class with Roxanne Leyland, or 250-723-9939

Club Practice/Training Sessions 

AV Kennel Club members practice &/or train their dogs in a variety of disciplines,  (ie. Show Handling, Novice Obedience, Rally Obedience, etc.)  To participate you must be a member of the AV Kennel Club or pre-register with Roxanne.

Pre-register by phone or email to Roxanne Leyland, AV Kennel Club Secretary 250-723-9939 or

Other Canine Activities:

If you are interested in other canine activity or more advanced training, please let us know.  If there is others interested, we can organize classes or recommend a suitable trainer.

Other dog performance/sports not currently available locally but elsewhere on Vancouver island are:

Agility – Carting – Field Trials -Tracking – Herding – Scent Detection

Send your inquiry to:  or call Roxanne at 250-723-9939