10 Reasons Your Dog Wants to Come to Whistler




  1. A visit to Auntie Kim’s Better Bickies dog treat stand at the Whistler Farmer’s Market for one of their small batch handmade dog treats.
  2. The chance to strut his stuff around Whistler Village. It’s kind of the opposite of people-watching, but you can practically hear him saying, Yes, I am too sexy for this leash.
  3. The decidedly pet-friendly accommodation. (Given his choice, Titan is partial to The Four Seasons Resort & Spa Whistler. Can’t imagine where he gets that from? The special dog bed, fancy dog dishes and doting staff that welcome him make Titan feel like the rockstar he imagines himself to be.)
  4. Cruising for new dog friends, particularly pretty ones, at Lost Lake’s Canine Cove Dog Beach, one of two off-leash dog beaches in Whistler. Burning off steam at “Arf’a Lake Park”, the all-day dog zone at Alpha Lake Park, one of several off-leash parks where it’s easy to run a little wild.
  5. Heading out on one of the numerous hiking trails. Giving himself a belly-soak in the River of Golden Dreams at Meadow Park is a favourite way to get close to nature.
  6. For a good workout, especially while the parents are busy, Titan hooks up with his boys for a 3-4 hour off-leash dog hike, thanks to Alpine Dogs.
  7. For a more pampering soak after a day of full-body immersion in the sights and smells of Whistler, Titan appreciates a hydro-massage bath and fluff dry at Bubbles Dog Spa.
  8. The fundraiser WAG Dog Wash & BBQ on July 24 allows him to give back to the Whistler dog community and all those orphaned pooches less fortunate than he is.
    Other dog festivals and events throughout the year give Titan his black-tie moments – from April’s Dogfest to the red-carpet K9 Wine and Dine fundraiser.
  9. Helping mom keep the Frisbee in sight as she attempts a round of Disc Golf.
  10. Flirting with the lovely pet-sitters who take care of him while “the parents” go for a dinner out.



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